Carpets that tickles your senses and make your floors a marvel, Zargar is all about the new We Zargar Carpets LLC after inception in 2000 has reinvented the beauty and luxury with quality flooring solutions. We have the perfect range of choices by offering product solutions for all markets and all price points.

We believe that your dream home should be as beautiful as your dream and your work space should motivate you, so Zargar always supply product assuming the impact you want to have on clients, patients, customers, students, guests or employees.

Floor covering is considered as a powerful tool to define your personality and design tool which Zargar can do for you. We have unlimited options that will exceed your expectations created with the extensive resources and industry experience which will meet both your deadline and bottom line. We have the financial strength to invest in breakthrough technology and industry expertise to offer you world class product.

Zargar listens to your thoughts: with our dedicated team of customer service professionals we ensure to keep our promises and our reach makes it possible to get it when you need it.

Fresh ideas make our design work for you we have the designs to keep your people coming back. If refurbishing your facility Zargar will show you new and creative ways to define your interiors, and We are always ready to help you.